*TOTAL CASH BACK = ${{vm.getTotalCashBack()}}

See How Fast Rewards Can Add Up!

Calculate Your Rewards: Calculate how much you can get annually when you redeem your points for cash back.

Calculate Your Redemption: Calculate how many points you need in order to receive the desired value with AAA Branch Vouchers.

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Adjust the sliders based on the types and amounts of purchases you make each month and we’ll tell you your estimated total yearly cash back.

3x Points = 3% Cash Back

on eligible travel and AAA purchases

2x Points = 2% Cash Back

1 Point per $1 = 1% Cash Back

on purchases everywhere else

*TOTAL CASH BACK = ${{vm.getTotalCashBack()}}

For illustrative purposes only. Actual rewards earned will depend on individual purchases.

* Cash back rewards start at $50 (5,000 points).

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Points Value per Point AAA Branch Voucher/Purchase Value
5,000 - 19,999 x 1.20% = $60.00 - $239.99
20,000 - 49,999 x 1.25% = $250.00 - $624.99
50,000+ x 1.40% = $700.00+

AAA Branch Voucher/Purchase Redemptions start at 5,000 points with a value of $60.00. Redemption values increase as the points accumulate above certain thresholds as illustrated in the table above. As a result, some dollar value redemptions will not be available (below $60, between $240 - $249.99, and between $625 - $699.99).

Error! {{vm.redemptionCalculatorErrorMessage}}

For a ${{vm.customerGoal | number:2}} voucher/purchase redemption, total points needed are {{vm.totalPointsNeeded | number:0}}.